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Note - A special "Search Term Link" and a "Document Link" are provided for each search result. The Search Term Link goes to a special version of the original web document where each search term has been highlighted in bright yellow. For your convenience, each Search Term Link document opens at the point where your first search word is highlighted. Highlighted words help you determine if the document is one that will help you find the information you need. The Document Link opens only the original document so that you may print or save the file or bookmark the document's actual web address.

Search Hints

  • Other Restrictions: Word Stemming is the default and it provides good results. Add no more than one other check box for best results.
  • Successful Boolean Searches: Join related words, phrases or ideas with a connector: and, or, or and not. Examples: 1) auto liability and umbrella; 2) auto liability or umbrella; 3) auto liability and not umbrella.
  1. Enter a word or short phrase as your search term
  2. Use and, or, w/ to indicate a relationship between words or phrases in your search request.
  3. Use ( ) when a search includes more than one use of an and/or connector - for example: (questions and driver) or FAQ, questions or (driver and FAQ).
  4. Example: driver and FAQ (Both words must be present.)
  5. Example: driver or FAQ (Either word can be present.)
  6. Example: health w/100 FAQ (Second word must occur within 100 words of the first word.)
  7. Example: hmo not w/10000 FAQ (Second word must NOT occur within 10,000 words of the first word.)
  8. Example: health and not life (Second word must NOT be present with the first word.)
Use of 'Special Characters'
  1. In any search, ? matches any single character - fil? matches file, filed, fill, film, filled.
  2. In any search, * matches any number of characters - co*er matches consumer, covered.
  3. In any search, ~~ can be used between numbers, for example - 2000~~2009 looks for 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.
  4. In any search, = matches any single number, for example - 200= will find 2007, 2008, 2009 references.
  5. In any search, xfirstword also will look for the first word of any results page. Use with the + and "" to add other search terms and phrases to this type of search. Also, xlastword will look for the last word of any results page.
  6. In a Boolean search, xfirstword matches documents with same word a set number of words after the first word - verification w/500 xfirstword or texassure w/500 xfirstword.
  7. In a Boolean search, xlastword matches documents with same word a set number of words before the last word - texas w/500 xlastword.
  8. In any search, a number after a word assigns a specific positive or negative weight when ranking retrieved documents - auto complaint:9. The 9 after "complaint" gives it more weight and moves files with more instances of that word higher in the results.

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Last updated: 04/06/2015