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  • 2-1-1
    2-1-1 Texas provides free information about services in your area.
  • Access to charity care in Texas hospitals
    The Attorney General's office provides guidance on how to obtain charity care at qualifying Texas hospitals.
  • Adolescent Health Program
    The Adolescent Health Program looks at overlap between behaviors, their underlying common causes, and successful interventions.
  • Aging Services in Texas
    The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) provides a range of services for consumers.
  • American Kidney Fund Patient Assistance Program
    American Kidney Fund Patient Assistance Program provides direct financial assistance for dialysis and kidney transplant patients with limited incomes.
  • American Medical Association - Appeal that Claim
    This guide mixes practical and technical information on how to appeal a denied claim.
  • Area Agency on Aging - Offices by County
    Use this site to find the nearest Area Agency on Aging (AAA) office for consumers.
  • Auditory Program Services
    The Texas Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (TEHDI) Program is the State’s universal newborn hearing screening, tracking and intervention program. The Program for Amplification for Children of Texas (PACT) serves Texas children from birth through 20 years of age who have hearing losses that cause a problem in school. Services are for children who have a hearing loss that is permanent.
  • provides citizens with easy, online access to government benefit and assistance programs.
  • BenefitsCheckUp
    BenefitsCheckUp helps people find benefit programs that can help pay for medications, health care, food, utilities, and more.
  • Black Lung Program
    The U.S. Department of Labor's Federal Black Lung Program is a comprehensive resource that provides information about treatment, services, and supplies available to coal miners with pneumoconiosis (miner's lung).
  • Blindness Education, Screening, and Treatment (BEST) Program
    The BEST Program serves qualified individuals with diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, detached retina, or any other eye disease determined to be an urgent medical necessity by both the applicant's eye doctor and the Division for Blind Services' ophthalmologic consultant or designee.
  • Case Management for Children and Pregnant Women (CPW)
    Case Management for Children and Pregnant Women (CPW) provides services to children with a health condition/health risk, birth through 20 years of age and to high-risk pregnant women of all ages, in an effort to encourage the use of cost-effective health and health-related care.
  • Cerebral Palsy Group
    Educational information and support to those who have been affected by cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities.
  • Childhood Immunizations
    Childhood Immunizations provides information on vaccines, immunizations and immunization clinics.
  • Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
    The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program works with local, regional and federal authorities to protect children from lead poisoning.
  • Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN)
    The Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) includes several programs that provide services to children with extraordinary medical needs, disabilities, and chronic health conditions. The program pays for medical care, family support services, and related services not covered by Medicaid, CHIP, private insurance, or other third party payor.
  • CHIP Perinatal Program
    CHIP Perinatal provides pregnancy and delivery care at no cost for eligible women who are pregnant.
  • Clinical Trial Listing Service
    The Center Watch: Clinical Trial Listing Service provides a listing of industry-sponsored clinical trials that are actively recruiting patients.
  • Community Mental Health Centers
    Community Mental Health Centers is a resource of the Texas Department of State Health Services that provides mental health care services and center locations.
  • County Indigent Health Care Program
    The County Indigent Health Care Program provides county-based health care for certain needy Texans not receiving and not eligible for Medicaid. General eligibility requirements and services are outlined.
  • DOL - Filing a Benefits Claim or Appeal
    If a consumer has a self-insured health plan, Texas state laws do not apply. DOL can help with that appeal.
  • DOL - guide to COBRA
    COBRA gives most employees the chance to continue their health insurance coverage for some time after losing access to employer-sponsored health coverage.
  • Early Childhood Intervention
    Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) is a statewide program for families with children, birth to three, with disabilities and developmental delays. Services are provided by a variety of local agencies and organizations across Texas.
  • Eldercare Locator
    A program of the U.S. Administration on Aging that connects older adults and their families to services in the community.
  • Epilepsy Program
    The Epilepsy Program provides comprehensive outpatient care (diagnostic, treatment, and support services) to eligible persons who have been diagnosed with epilepsy or seizure-like symptoms. Services are provided through contracted providers in selected areas of the state.
  • EyeCare America
    EyeCare America offers several programs to provide Americans with free medical care.
  • Federal Child Care Bureau
    The page provides information from the Administration for Children and Families on locating quality childcare, qualifying for child care tax credits, and state and federal child care health and safety regulations.
  • Financial assistance for Texas consumers
    This list of assistance resources includes bill paying programs and energy assistance, among many options.
  • Find a Low-Cost Community Clinic
    Bureau of Primary Health Care's Provider Locator helps you find a low-cost provider in your area.
  • First Gov for Kids
    First Gov for Kids links to a variety of health topics and related information for school-aged children.
  • Genetic Services
    Genetics Services works to improve the health of children with genetic disorders.
  • Head Start
    Head Start is the federal assistance program serving the child development needs of preschool children (birth through age five) and their low-income families. Early Head Start is a companion program to promote healthy prenatal outcomes and enhance the development of infants and toddlers.
  • - Appealing Health Plan Decisions
    Learn how the Affordable Care Act has affected the health insurance appeals process.
  • - Coverage Finder
    This tool will help you find the health insurance best suited to your needs, whether it's private insurance for individuals, families, and small businesses, or public programs that may work for you.
  • Healthwell Foundation
    The Healthwell Foundation provides financial assistance to eligible individuals to cover coinsurance, copayments, healthcare premiums and deductibles for certain treatments.
  • Healthy Texas Women
    Healthy Texas Women is a program of the Texas Health and Human Services to help women find free and affordable health care services and learn about women's health care issues.
  • HIV and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Services
    HIV and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Services provides information about HIV and STD services and resources.
  • Home Health Compare
    The Medicare site allows people to compare information for Medicare and Medicaid certified home health services.
  • - Small Business Tax Credit
    The new Affordable Care Act gives a tax credit to certain small employers that provide health care coverage to their employees, effective with tax years beginning in 2010.
  • Kidney Health Care Program
    The Kidney Health Care (KHC) Program works to improve access to care for Texas residents with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), and to ease the financial burden of obtaining essential medical treatment for ESRD. KHC provides limited financial assistance to Texas residents with ESRD who have been approved to receive KHC benefits.
  • - Find a Medigap Policy
    Medigap (or Medicare Supplement) plans offer additional private coverage beyond what Medicare provides.
  • - Main Page
    Learn about everything from basic Medicare (Part A and Part B) to Medicare Advantage (Part C) to Part D prescription plans to Medigap plans.
  • Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation
    Support and education for patients and family members diagnosed with mesothelioma.
  • Mission Cataract USA
    Mission Cataract USA is coordinated by the Volunteer Eye Surgeons' Association and provides free cataract surgery to people of all ages who are unable to pay.
  • National Council on Aging
    Partners with nonprofit organizations, government, and business to provide community programs and services, online help, and advocacy to seniors.
  • National Health Information Center
    The Healthfinder Page can help you locate a doctor or hospital in your area and provides detailed information about a number of diseases and conditions.
  • National Organization of Rare Disorders Medication Assistance Programs
    National Organization of Rare Disorders Medication Assistance Programs assists uninsured or under-insured individuals in securing life-saving or life-sustaining medications.
  • Navigate Life Texas
    Resources for kids with disabilities and special health care needs
  • New Eyes for the Needy
    New Eyes for the Needy offers vouchers to U.S. residents in need of prescription eyeglasses.
  • Newborn Screening
    The Newborn Screening Case Management Program works to decrease the morbidity and mortality of infants born in Texas through newborn screening follow-up, case management and outreach education.
  • Nursing Home Compare
    Nursine Home Compare provides detailed information on various aspects of performance and includes data on every nursing home.
  • Office of Aquired Brain Injury
    The Office of Acquired Brain Injury (OABI) is a resource for providing education, awareness, prevention and service referral and coordination in regards to brain injury.
  • Oral Health Services
    Oral Health Services works to improve the oral health of Texans through education, prevention services, and emergency dental treatment services.
  • Partnership for Prescription Assistance
    Partnership for Prescription Assistance unites America's pharmaceutical companies, doctors, patient advocacy organizations, and civic groups to help low-income patients without prescription coverage.
  • Primary Health Care Program
    The Primary Health Care (PHC) Program pays health care providers to offer access to primary health care services for individuals who are unable to access the same care through other funding sources or programs.
  • Rx Assist
    Rx Assist gives providers access to pharmaceutical company patient assistance programs.
  • Rx Hope
    Rx Hope provides access to applications for various national pharmaceutical assistance programs.
  • Rx Outreach
    Rx Outreach provides more than 50 generic medications that treat a wide range of conditions to people who financially qualify.
  • Safe Riders Traffic Safety Program
    The Safe Riders Traffic Safety Program provides information about child passenger safety.
  • School Health Program
    The School Health Program provides leadership and support to communities working to meet the health services and health education needs of their children in a school setting.
  • School Vision & Hearing Screening
    School Vision & Hearing Screening identifies preschoolers and school children with hearing and vision problems and helps link them to appropriate remedial services.
  • Sight for Students
    Sight for Students provides free vision exams and glasses to low-income, uninsured children.
  • STARS Program
    The STARS (State of Texas Assistance and Referral System) Program can help Texans find out if they are eligible for help with medical care, buying food or caring for their children.
  • Substance Abuse Services
    Substance Abuse Services provides an index for finding treatment and prevention information related to substance abuse.
  • Summer Food Service Program
    The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) provides nutritious meals free to all children age 18 and younger at participating feeding sites. To participate, just show up.
  • TDI - Insurance company search tool
    Use this page to search for insurance companies currently licensed to do business in Texas.
  • TDI - state continuation after COBRA (PDF)
    Health plans governed by Texas law are also required, in most cases, to offer extended access to COBRA benefits through state continuation.
  • TDI - What are my Appeal Rights
    If a consumer has a fully-insured health plan, Texas state laws apply. TDI can help with that appeal.
  • Texas Breast and Cervical Cancer Services
    Texas Breast and Cervical Center Cancer Control Services provides funding for breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnostic services at no cost to low-income women without health insurance.
  • Texas Family Planning Program
    The Texas Family Planning Program includes more than 350 clinic sites that offer preventative medical and educational services under the direction of licensed physicians.
  • Texas Health Insurance Premium Payment Program
    Texas Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) program helps families with at least one person on Medicaid pay for private health insurance.
  • Texas Health Steps
    Texas Health Steps gives medical and dental checkups and care to children from birth to age 21 who are enrolled in Medicaid.
  • Texas Hemophilia Assistance
    Texas Hemophilia Assistance Program provides blood, blood derivatives, or manufactured pharmaceutical products to eligible program recipients.
  • Texas Medical Board - License search
    Use this website to find MD and PA license numbers in Texas, important information to have if assisting a consumer with a PCIP application letter.
  • Texas Rx Card Program
    Texas Rx Card Program free prescription drug discount card for Texas residents.
  • TexCare - CHIP and Children's Medicaid
    TexCare offers two separate children’s health insurance programs, CHIP and Children’s Medicaid. Both programs provide health insurance for children at a price that fits the budgets of Texas families. Rates are flexible and are based on the number of people in your family and your family’s income and expenses. Children do not have to be US citizens to apply.
  • TexHealth Central Texas
    TexHealth Coalition provides options to small businesses for affordable employee plans. (Note: Plans may provide limited coverage, may not be subject to state insurance laws, and may involve self-funding by the employer.)
  • Title V Fee for Service (FFS) Program
    Title V Fee for Service (FFS) Program provides prenatal care, preventive and primary child care, case management for children from birth to one year and high risk pregnant women, as well as dental care for children and adolescents.
  • Unite for Sight
    Unite For Sight is a nonprofit group that specializes in helping Americans obtain free or low-cost vision care services. The group also maintains a comprehensive directory of free clinics that provide health services of all types.
    VISION USA provides free basic eye health and vision care services to low-income, uninsured citizens and their families.
  • Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC)
    Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC) is a nutrition program that helps pregnant women, new mothers, and young children eat well, learn about nutrition, and stay healthy. Nutrition education and counseling, nutritious foods, and assistance with access to health care are provided to low-income women, infants, and children through the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program, popularly known as WIC.
  • provides access to benefits including Medicaid, Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Children's Health Insurance, and nursing home care and other services for people who are elderly or have disabilities.

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