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Picking a Hospital

Depending on your needs, you can choose either a hospital based on overall quality or one based on the quality of specific areas, like cardiac care.

Joint Commission Quality Check
Description: The Joint Commission is a nonprofit organization that accredits and certifies high quality hospitals and health care organizations.  When a hospital meets overall high quality standards, it earns accreditation.  When a program within the hospital meets high quality standards, the program earns a certification.  You can find a list of these accreditations and certifications on the Quality Check website.  You can also see and compare several hospitals at once.

Hospital Compare
Description: Hospital Compare is a federal website that lets you compare hospitals to each other and to national averages.  You can pick up to three hospitals to compare side-by-side.  For instance, you can find information about care, readmissions, medical complications, and patient experiences.

Hospital Safety Score
Description: Hospital Safety Score, a website run by a nonprofit organization called the Leapfrog Group, rates hospital safety based on letter grades.  Hospitals that rate better than national averages score higher letter grades.  It uses some of the same information as Hospital Compare but uses some of its own too.

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Last updated: 10/06/2015